US Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio poses with attendees at a campaign event at the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls, Iowa on Jan. 31, 2016.
Photo by Aaron Bernstein/Reuters

Marco Rubio targets millenial voters with ‘bae’ shirt


Marco Rubio is looking to win first place with millennial voters. 

The Florida senator and Republican presidential candidate is now selling on his web store neon blue t-shirts and stickers with an alternative spelling of his surname: Ru(bae)o.

Bae” is a trendy slang term of endearment, commonly used by millennials in addressing their significant others.

The Ru(bae)o t-shirt is just the latest Rubio-inspired campaign swag targeted at young voters. From “Marco Polos”  to emoji stickers to “Water Great Nation” water bottles – a play on Rubio’s habit of drinking water during speeches – the presidential candidate has been advertising his relative youth compared to his Republican opponents in an effort to connect with younger voters this election cycle.

It should be noted that the hashtag #Rubaeo has been used on Twitter and Facebook by younger supporters expressing their love for the candidate. 

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Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio targets millenial voters with 'bae' shirt