Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX) heads for House Republican caucus meeting in the basement of the U.S. Capitol Oct. 9, 2015 in Washington, D.C.
Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty

Magic is a ‘national treasure,’ declares Texas Congressman Pete Sessions

Rep. Pete Sessions is skeptical of global warming and says big government is a waste — but he believes in the power of magic.

The conservative Texas Republican introduced a House resolution this week that would officially recognize magic as a “rare and valuable art form and national treasure.”

Dropping the names of magicians like Harry Houdini and David Copperfield and referencing writer Arthur C. Clarke and artist Leonardo da Vinci, Sessions’ resolution declares that magic needs to be “preserved, understood, and promulgated.”

And it ticks off several reasons why any opposition to “H. Res. 642” should be made to disappear.

“Whereas magic is an art form with the unique power and potential to impact the lives of all people; Whereas magic enables people to experience the impossible; Whereas magic is used to inspire and bring wonder and happiness to others; Whereas magic has had a significant impact on other art forms,” the resolution states.

Sessions also mentions Eric Hogue, a former professional clown who is now mayor of Wylie, Texas, and “who learned the art of magic as a child, continues to use those skills to teach elementary school students about the different roles and responsibilities of local government.”

One of the most conservative members of Congress, Sessions has tried before to get magic officially recognized as an art form, Politico reported.

But so far he’s not been able to pull that legislative rabbit out of a hat.

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