Maddow: Scott Brown ‘has been kind of weird,’ fixating on MSNBC and me


On Tuesday night, Rachel Maddow highlighted Senator Scott Brown (R-MA)’s latest bizarre electoral tactic: insisting that msnbc not host a prospective debate with his Democratic challenger, Elizabeth Warren. One of his conditions for agreeing to debate Warren was that “msnbc not be included as a broadcast partner.”

The problem, Maddow said, was that no such a thing had ever been proposed in the first place. “msnbc is not the host of the debate, msnbc was never going to be the host of the debate, msnbc never even got asked about hosting the debate,” Maddow said. She later added, “What is going on with Senator Scott Brown?”

It was not the first time Maddow and msnbc had been targeted by Brown. In early 2010, Brown sent out a fundraising pitch warning Republicans that Maddow was going to run against him in 2012. Of course, Maddow never had any intention of running. As she wrote in a full-page ad, published in the Boston Globe: ”I never said I was running against Scott Brown. It’s just not true. Honestly. I swear. No, really.”

Maddow wondered aloud on her show on Tuesday night what exactly was going on. “Are other Senators like this? Is anyone else besides us at msnbc having to deal with a sitting U.S. Senator making stuff up about their hosts running campaigns against him and saying we’re hosting debates that we’re not hosting?”

Elizabeth Warren and Scott Brown

Maddow: Scott Brown 'has been kind of weird,' fixating on MSNBC and me