Life After Water: The drought from one farmer’s perspective


Last summer marked the fourth year of a monumental drought in California. For the Central Valley’s farming community, the water shortage is a dire issue — the region produces more than half of America’s produce. 

In this interactive film produced by MediaStorm for Verse, Jesus Ramos, a small family farmer, shares his story about what it means to his business. Hear experts explain what’s at stake for the region — and even for national security.

Despite the strong El Nino brewing in the Pacific Ocean, the California Department of Water Resources recently reported that statewide snowpack is just 87 percent of average this year. Snowpack melts off every spring and runs into reservoirs and river systems for distribution to farms and municipalities. While this exceeds winter measurements for every year since 2012 and is considered an improvement, this year’s snowpack won’t be enough to end the drought. 

Life After Water” was filmed and produced by MediaStorm.