Alec Baldwin as Jim Webb, Larry David as Bernie Sanders, Kate McKinnon as Hillary Clinton, Taran Killam as Martin O'Malley during the "Democratic Debate Cold Open" sketch on Oct. 17, 2015.
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Larry David gives the people what they want: A Bernie Sanders impression


Update: The real Bernie Sanders on ABC’s “This Week” Sunday responded to the skit. “I think we’ll use Larry at our next rally. He does better than I do,” the Vermont senator said. 

“Seinfeld” creator and official Bernie Sanders doppelganger Larry David played the presidential candidate on “Saturday Night Live” in a reenactment of the first Democratic debate – and it was what dreams are made of. 

Hands flailing in precise Sanders fashion, David gets on the CNN debate stage shouting back to an excited audience: “I know, hello, hello, hello, enough with the hellos let’s do this,” adding that he’s hungry, “but good.”

“If you don’t mind, I’m going to dial it right up to a 10 … we’re DOOMED,” David exclaims in a wrinkled button-down shirt. 

David also acted out the scene turned into a thousand memes when the real Bernie Sanders last week said the American people are “sick and tired” of hearing about Hillary Clinton’s “damn emails.” 

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The two front-runners embraced on the “SNL” stage, aggressively shaking hands much like they did during the real debate. Clinton on Saturday night was played by the inimitable Kate McKinnon. 

When asked how he’s different from President Obama, David responded, “I’m the only candidate up here who’s not a billionaire. I don’t have a Super PAC, I don’t have a backpack. I carry my stuff around loose in my arms like a professor between classes … So who do you want as president? One of these Washington insiders, or a guy who has one pair of clean underwear that he dries on a radiator?” 

“,” David shouts to the audience. “Check it out, it’s a mess.”

Bernie Sanders

Larry David gives the people what they want: A Bernie Sanders impression