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Kasich attacks Carson, Trump for ‘fantasy’ proposals


Amid a race dominated by political outsiders who have captured the country’s attention, Ohio Gov. John Kasich slammed them as inexperienced and unrealistic. 

“Folks, we gotta wake up! We cannot elect somebody who does not know how to do the job,” the Republican candidate for president said angrily. “You gotta pick somebody who has experience, somebody who has the know-how, the discipline.”

“Folks, we gotta wake up! We cannot elect somebody who does not know how to do the job.”
Ohio Gov. John Kasich
Kasich slammed the party’s two front-runners, Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson early in the debate, lashing out at Carson’s tax plan, which would institute a flat tax that CNBC moderator Becky Quick pointed out would create a big deficit.

“You just don’t make promises like this, why don’t you just give chicken in every pot while we’re coming up with these fantasy tax plans? We’ll clean it up, well where are you gonna clean it up?” Kasich fired back. “This stuff is fantasy, just like getting rid of Medicare and Medicaid.”

Kasich’s outburst comes a day after he decried the current election as “crazy,” saying he’s “had it with these people,” before condemning Carson’s promises to implement a flat tax and get rid of Medicare and Medicaid, and Trump’s promise to deport illegal immigrants.

Asked to specify, Kasich declined to name-check his opponents but continued to slam their policies.

“To talk about we’re gonna have a 10% tithe, we’re going to fix everything with waste fraud and abuse, or we’re going to ship 10 million Americans out of this country?” he said.

Trump immediately went after Kasich, criticizing him for his work at Lehman Brothers sand saying he nearly “took me and Ben down with it.” 

Kasich argued he’d travelled the country and learned how to create jobs as a banker, saying that he was proud of his work and again touting Ohio’s economic successes.