John Lewis: ‘We have come too far to stop’


At the age of 23, Rep. John Lewis was the youngest speaker at the original March on Washington in 1963.

On Friday, he joined Rev. Al Sharpton on the National Mall in Washington, DC., to reflect on his experiences 50 years ago and talk about the civil rights battles that continue today.

“Forces all across our country want to take us back to another period and we have to say, ‘We are not going back and we have come too far to stop,’” he said on Friday’s special edition of PoliticsNation.

Lewis remains committed to the fight for progress after all these years.

“We will never ever give up and we can never give out,” he added later. “We have to use our energy and resources, our power and our persuasion.”

Watch the interview in its entirety above.

John Lewis: 'We have come too far to stop'