Jobs legislation not part of House Republicans’ summer plans


Wondering about Republicans’ summer plans? House Majority Leader Eric Cantor sent out a memo to House Republicans on Friday outlining their summer to-do list. Cantor has long touted his position that jobs are a top priority for the GOP, so Rev. Al Sharpton found it a smidge curious that their proposed summer agenda doesn’t once mention jobs legislation. 

Sharpton inspected the memo on PoliticsNation. It named four specific goals: extending Bush tax cuts, repealing Obamacare, increasing domestic energy production and reforming the U.S. postal service business plan.

“Wait a second…what about job creation? I thought Eric Cantor made it clear getting Americans back to work was his top priority?” Sharpton said.

California’s Democratic Rep. Barbara Lee wasn’t surprised either:

“Once again their rhetoric doesn’t meet the reality of what their summer agenda is. They talk about jobs, yet their summer agenda really is about the same thing they’ve always been about, and that is ensuring that tax cuts remain for the very wealthy. They’re attempting to dismantle the public sector and they’re not talking about how to create one job. They won’t even allow us to pass the president’s American Recovery Act, that would create thousands and thousands of jobs, so they’re not about creating jobs. I think their agenda for the summer is an ideological agenda of the Republican Tea Party. It’s a campaign year and they’re trying to campaign, unfortunately, by hurting the American people and putting out this very backwards agenda.”

Al Sharpton, Eric Cantor and Barack Obama

Jobs legislation not part of House Republicans' summer plans