Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush speaks to guests at a luncheon hosted by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs on Feb. 18, 2015 in Chicago, Ill.
Photo by Scott Olson/Getty

Jeb Bush tries to prove himself on foreign policy

Jeb Bush is eager to prove that his expertise extends beyond America’s shores.

The former Florida governor and potential 2016 presidential candidate’s leadership PAC has released a video about looming threats America faces from Iran, Russia and the terrorist group ISIS.

After a mashup of newscasts detailing the global concerns, clips are then played from Bush’s foreign policy speech at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs from last week. He argues the current strategy isn’t working and in reference to President Obama says, “Someone who came to office promising greater engagement has left America less influential in the world.”

During that speech in Chicago, Bush attempted to differentiate himself from his brother and father on foreign policy, promising to be “my own man.”

However, the ex-governor’s growing team of foreign policy advisers include approximately 20 veterans from past Bush administrations, including his father’s secretary of state James Baker and Paul Wolfowitz, a major architect of his brother’s Iraq policy.

Bush tweeted out a link to the video on Sunday, saying, America needs strong leadership now more than ever.”

Bush’s PAC, Right to Rise, reportedly raked in $4.2 million during two events in Chicago on Wednesday.