Republican U.S. presidential candidate Jeb Bush stands near his son George P. Bush and wife Columba before addressing a town hall during a campaign stop at Woodbury School in Salem, N.H., Feb. 7, 2016. 
Photo by Adrees Latif/Reuters

Jeb Bush promises to ‘beat expectations’ in New Hampshire


Jeb Bush told NBC News’ Chuck Todd on Sunday that his campaign will continue no matter how he finishes in New Hampshire, the state where he has committed most of his time and campaign resources.

“We’ll beat expectations. And we’ll be in South Carolina. And I’m excited by that,” Bush said on “Meet The Press.” “In fact, of the governors at least, I’m the only one that has a national campaign.”

A 7News/University of Massachusetts Lowell New Hampshire tracking poll released Sunday morning shows Bush in fourth place with 10 percent support. He is trailing Cruz, 13, Rubio, 14, and Trump, who leads the field with support from 36 percent of GOP voters in New Hampshire.

The former Florida governor has targeted Marco Rubio by arguing that the first-term senator is not ready to be commander-in-chief. Bush and his rivals have argued that Rubio’s oratory skills do little to prove he is ready for the White House, and sought to highlight his tendency to rely on talking points during the debate Saturday night.

“I envy candidates who can repeat the same thing over and over again. My brother was good at that,” Bush said of President George W. Bush. “But to be so scripted as you can’t have the agility to show, you know, the leadership skills that you need to be president of the United States I think became clear last night.”

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