Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush smiles while talking to the media after visiting Integra Biosciences during a campaign stop in Hudson, New Hampshire on March 13, 2015.
Photo by Shannon Stapleton/Reuters

Jeb Bush picks Virginia to win it all in NCAA tournament


Likely Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush has chosen the University of Virginia to go all the way and win the 2015 NCAA men’s basketball championship.

Bush tweeted out his bracket Tuesday morning and added, “In SC today if you want to lodge complaints…”

No word on whether or not his choice has anything to do with politics, but Virginia is certain to be a critical battleground state in the 2016 election. President Barack Obama barely squeaked by in the state during the 2012 presidential election, beating out Mitt Romney by a mere 3%, according to NBC News. 

UVA is not the only school in the former Florida governor’s final four hailing from a swing state. Bush picked Duke, a North Carolina school, to make it to the finals, as well.

Rounding out his top choices are Baylor, a school from Bush’s home state of Texas, and the University of Kentucky,  the largest college or university in potential opponent Sen. Rand Paul’s home state.

Despite being undefeated this season and a tournament favorite, number-one seed Kentucky will go down in the final game, Bush predicted.

Politics always has a special place during March Madness. Obama’s bracket reveal has become a yearly ESPN special. And last year during the heat of the tournament, Mitch McConnell caused a kerfuffle when he accidentally featured the Duke Blue Devils in a campaign ad — instead of the University of Kentucky.