Iranians celebrate on a street in northern Tehran, Iran, April 2, 2015, after Iran's nuclear agreement with world powers in Lausanne, Switzerland.
Photo by Ebrahim Noroozi/AP

‘Winter is over!’ Iranians rejoice over historic nuclear deal

Twitter is officially banned in Iran, and yet Iranians still chose it as their main platform for expressing elation over the news of a framework nuclear agreement. Why? Because they’re ready to be heard by the West, so they risk using proxy servers, or what some call “anti filters,” to get their message across.

Some Tehran residents flooded the city’s center or celebrated in front of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, while others enjoyed the news from their living rooms. Thomas Erdbrink of The New York Times reported that Iranians were glued to their TVs Thursday night watching President Obama’s statement. It was a historic moment and the first time since the revolution in 1979 that Iranian state media broadcast an American president live and in full.

Reactions from ordinary Iranians paint a picture of how citizens there feel about the historic agreement. 

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'Winter is over!' Iranians rejoice over historic nuclear deal