Inside the Creation Museum

  • The “Creation” exhibit depicting “Adam and Eve’s disobedience” at the Creation Museum, funded by the Answers in Genesis (AiG) is in Petersburg, Ky. As you walk through the Garden of Eden you observe the creation of Eve, the tree of life, God’s first commandment, and finally arrive at Adam and Eve’s disobedience. The museum’s mission statement is to “Exalt Jesus Christ as Creator, Redeemer and Sustainer through a safe, wholesome, family-friendly center for learning and discovery.”
  • The “Creation” exhibit depicting where “Adam names the animals” and as the museum explains the Bible is the “true history book of the universe.”
  • Diptych showing details from the dioramas in the ‘Creation’ exhibit where “Adam names the animals.” The museum is organized, in large part, around the so-called ‘Seven C’s of History’ which according to Scripture are: Creation, Corruption, Catastrophe, Confusion, Christ, Cross and Consummation.
  • (L) Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden and (R) an animatronic dinosaur. Ken Ham, president/CEO and founder of Answers in Genesis explains, “According to the Bible: Dinosaurs first existed around 6,000 years ago. God made the dinosaurs, along with the other land animals, on Day 6 of the Creation Week. Adam and Eve were also made on Day 6—so dinosaurs lived at the same time as people, not separated by eons of time.”
  • (L) Life-size replicas of a Ceratosaurus and a Tyrannosaurus Rex in the “Dinosaur Den.” Ken Ham explains, “Dinosaurs could not have died out before people appeared because dinosaurs had not previously existed; and death, bloodshed, disease, and suffering are a result of Adam’s sin.” (R) A depiction of the “Voyage of the Ark” at the Creation Museum.
  • (L) A Utahraptor in the “Starting Room” where the museum examines the different views about our origin and why they are in conflict. (R) A diorama of when “Cain Murders Abel”. The museum explains, “visitors will learn how to answer the attacks on the Bible’s authority in geology, biology, anthropology, cosmology, etc. They will also discover how science actually confirms biblical history.”
  • (L) ‘Biblical Authority’ exhibit depicting Moses and (R) a detail from the ‘Culture in Crisis’ installation.
  • (L) An idyllic painting and (R) a detail from an installation with the words “The World’s Not Safe Anymore” carved into a door at the Creation Museum.
  • A Utahraptor, widely believed by scientists to be carnivorous, in the ‘Starting Room’ exhibit. According to Ken Ham “Originally, before sin, all animals, including the dinosaurs, were vegetarian.”
  • (L) Detail of animals at the exhibition depicting ‘Creation’ where according to the museum is where “Adam names the animals” and (R) Adam & Eve in the Garden of Eden. The museum’s mission statement aims to “Equip Christians to better evangelize the lost through a combination of exhibits, research, and educational presentations that uphold the inerrancy of the Bible.”
  • (L) Pregnant Eve and (R) Adam naming the animals at the Creation Museum.
  • A diorama with a bear in the ‘Creation’ exhibit at the Creation Museum.
  • (L) Details of the fruit from the forbidden tree in the ‘Creation’ exhibit and (R) the serpent tricking Eve as depicted in the Book of Genesis.
  • The ‘Creation’ exhibit depicting ‘Adam and Eve’s disobedience’ at the Creation Museum.
  • (L) Eve in the ‘Creation’ exhibit and (R) signage in the ‘Wonders Room’ where the museum has videos showcasing “the wonders of God’s creation and demonstrate His care through the intricate details of design”.
  • (L) Detail from the ‘Culture in Crisis’ exhibit and (R) Ken Ham, founder of the Creation Museum displays his father, Mervyn Ham’s personal Bible at the Creation Museum.
  • (L) Image depicting Adam & Eve’s ‘Walk with God’ and (R) a detail from ‘Culture in Crisis’ exhibit at the Creation Museum.



The Creation Museum is a lavish 27-million dollar edifice devoted to a literal belief in the creation of the world as recounted in the Christian Bible. Created by Answers in Genesis, one of the most prominent creationist groups in America, the Creation Museum paints a history of the world where humans coexisted with dinosaurs, the biblical flood carved the Grand Canyon, and the Earth itself is only 6,000 years old. Despite, or perhaps because of its wholesale rejection of modern scientific consensus, the Creation Museum is popular–it claims to have had almost two million visitors since opening in 2007.

Photographer Brian Finke explored the museum’s many installations including it’s dioramas of Adam and Eve, fiberglass and animatronic dinosaurs and the ‘Culture in Crisis’ and ‘Graffiti Alley’ exhibits that depict AiG’s interpretation of the decline of American culture and family. On Tuesday, February 4, Ken Ham, the founder of the Creation Museum and Answers in Genesis, will debate evolution and creationism with Bill Nye, the scientist, comedian and former host of “Bill Nye The Science Guy,” a science-focused TV show for children.

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