American ships burn during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on Dec. 7, 1942. 
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How much do you know about the attack on Pearl Harbor?

Monday marks the 74th anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day pays tribute to the lives lost during the Japanese attack on the military base in Hawaii on Dec. 7, 1941. As part of the commemoration, a series of events organized by the National Park Service will be broadcast via live stream.

In remembrance of the events that launched America into World War II, test your knowledge of that tragic moment in history.

Many of the ships have since been repaired, including the USS Missouri battleship which is now open for tours.

The speech was delivered before a joint session of Congress as a call for the declaration of war against Japan.

Within a few days, Germany and Italy, allies of Japan, declared war on the United States.

The area known as “Battleship Row” hosted seven of the nine Pacific fleet battleships and was the primary target of the Japanese attack.

The message was sent by Mitsuo Fuchaida, a captain in the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service.

The aircrafts were launched from four heavy carriers.

Of the many casualties, only 68 were civilians. 

The benefit concert, held at Bloch Arena at Pearl Harbor, raised more than $64,000.

Celebrating Black History and Japan

How much do you know about the attack on Pearl Harbor?