Jeb Bush is greeted with a standing ovation in the Marion Bowman Activities Center at Saint Leo University, following his introduction before his speech "Leading in a Climate of Change", June 3, 2015. 
Photo by Brendan Fitterer/Tampa Bay Times/AP

How much do you know about Jeb Bush? Take this quiz to test your knowledge


Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush entered the 2016 presidential race on Monday. The last name is surely familiar, but how much do you know about this candidate?

“The fact that I’m bilingual, bicultural can’t hurt,” Bush said. 

I’m flattered, but I’m governor of the state of Florida and I intend to be governor until I leave – which is January 2007,” Bush said. “And I’m not going to consider any other options other than being governor until I finish.” 

This restoration project cost $8 billion and set aside more than one million acres of conserved land through the “Florida Forever” program.

Bush is a very faithful follower of his religion. He has pioneered many social service initiatives that are based on religion, such as establishing the first faith-based prison.

Jeb has three children, one of whom shares his first name. 

The organization has become the first in modern history to have raised more money in its first 100 days than any other Republican initiative. 

Jeb graduated magna cum laude in less than three years. His father and older brother both attended Yale University.

If Jeb Bush were elected president, his wife would be the second foreign-born first lady. Louisa Johnson Adams, who was the wife of John Quincy Adams, was born in England and marked history as the first foreign-born first lady. 

Both Jeb Bush and this presidential candidate spoke at the National Rifle Association’s annual convention. They even sat next to each other on the same flight from Miami to Nashville. 

Many conservative voters and colleagues have criticized Bush for some of his liberal-leaning stances