Kevin Spacey as Francis Underwood, left, and Robin Wright as Clair Underwood in a scene from "House of Cards."
Photo by Nathaniel E. Bell/Netflix/AP

‘House of Cards’ gets in on the Hillary buzz on Twitter

While the social media world was eagerly anticipating, and then dissecting, Hillary Clinton’s presidential announcement on Sunday, House of Cards had some fun with eager political watchers on Twitter.

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The drama recently released its third season on Netflix, and the new episodes focus in particular on the career ambitions of Claire Underwood, first lady to President Frank Underwood.

On Saturday and Sunday, while Twitter users were anticipating Clinton’s announcement, the Netflix show took to Twitter to tease fans and viewers with a few messages about Claire Underwood and politics. Were they subtling referencing Hillary? Or just teasing Hillary supporters eagerly awaiting an announcement?

Hillary Clinton and House of Cards

'House of Cards' gets in on the Hillary buzz on Twitter