This image released by Netflix shows Kevin Spacey as Francis Underwood in a scene from "House of Cards."
Photo by Nathaniel E. Bell/Netflix/AP

‘House of Cards’ debuts Frank Underwood campaign ad during GOP debate


There is a new candidate in the 2016 presidential race … sort of.

Frank Underwood, the fictional, scheming sitting president played by Kevin Spacey on the hit Netflix series “House of Cards” appeared in a ‘campaign ad,’ which also functions as a teaser trailer for the fourth season during Tuesday night’s GOP presidential debate.

In the clip a warm voiceover declares over patriotic images of the U.S.: “It’s a new day in America. Today, more people will go to work, return home to their families, and sleep more soundly than ever before. All because one man refuses to settle. Putting people before politics. That man is Frank Underwood”

“America, I am only getting started,” Underwood says directly to the camera from the Oval Office.

The re-election campaign themes of the faux ad appear to reference Underwood’s ambitious “America Works” jobs plan, which consumed a considerable amount of season 3’s airtime. That season left some fans of the series underwhelmed. The new season debuts on March 4, 2016, in the thick of the primary season, so Netflix subscribers will have to wait and see whether the new episodes are a return to form.

And if you can’t bear the wait, Netflix has created a Frank Underwood campaign site to keep you satiated.