Hillary Clinton slams Jeb Bush over ‘stuff happens’ comment


Hillary Clinton slammed Jeb Bush’s recent comments on gun control Monday, and became emotional discussing her own gun reform policy in New Hampshire.

Bush said on Friday that when “stuff happens” like mass shootings, the appropriate response is not necessarily to legislate. “Stuff happens, there’s always a crisis and the impulse is always to do something and it’s not necessarily the right thing to do,” he said in South Carolina. 

10/5/15, 1:03 PM ET

Clinton says Trump, Bush surrendered on guns

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton accuses Donald Trump and Jeb Bush of admitting defeat on trying to stop gun deaths in the United States.
Democrats quickly seized on the comments, accusing Bush of flippantly brushing off the shooting at an Oregon community college last week that left 10 dead, including the shooter.

While campaigning in New Hampshire Monday, Clinton rolled out a new gun control proposal that includes using executive action to close the so-called gun show loophole and making it easier for people to sue gun makers. Clinton contrasted her stance with that of Republicans, paying special attention to presidential candidates Bush and Donald Trump.

“On the Republican side, Mr. Trump was asked about it and said something like ‘you know, things like that happen in the world,’” she said. “Governor Bush said ‘yeah, stuff happens.’ No. That’s an admission of defeat and surrender to a problem that is killing 33,000 Americans.”

Clinton also choked up and appeared very emotional as she introduced Nicole Hockley, mother of Dylan, who was killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School during the 2013 Connecticut shooting.

Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush

Hillary Clinton slams Jeb Bush over 'stuff happens' comment