Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton attends an event in Washington on April 22, 2015
Photo by Jacquelyn Martin/AP

Hillary Clinton gets colorful for marriage equality case

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton painted her logo with a rainbow of colors on Tuesday, to mark the first day of oral arguments in the Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage case. 

The logo – an H with an arrow through it, normally red, white, and blue – debuted in rainbow on Tuesday morning, with the colors associated with the gay rights movement.

Clinton hasn’t always embraced gay rights: in 2008, the then-candidate – like her opponent in the Democratic primary, Barack Obama – opposed same-sex marriage. In 2012, the president voiced his support for marriage equality; in 2013, Clinton announced she too supported it. 

On Tuesday, she emphasized her support with a short video of the candidate speaking to an Iowa grandfather about the issue. 

“That’s our gal! Yes!” the grandfather says, recalling how Clinton had encouraged the court to make marriage legal.

Acceptance of gay people and marriage has grown rapidly in the United States; a majority of Americans now say they support the rights of gay couples to marry. The judicial system has largely followed public opinion; marriage is legal in 37 states, with 18 state joining that number in the last six months.