Growing Hope at Sweet Auburn Springfest


This May, MSNBC brought Growing Hope to Atlanta for the Sweet Auburn Springfest. The CyclePoliticsNation with Al Sharpton, and All In with Chris Hayes all broadcast live from the event, and over two thousand hopes were shared. Thank you, Atlanta, for joining us and sharing your hopes with us!

Watch clips of The CyclePoliticsNation with Al Sharpton, and All In with Chris Hayes from the event.

The Cycle, 5/9/14, 4:08 PM ET

Bringing fresh food to communities in need

Rashid Nuri, who runs the ‘Truly Living Well Center,” brings fresh food to Atlanta communities that don’t have access to it. He joins the Cycle team to discuss.

PoliticsNation with Al Sharpton, 5/9/14, 6:59 PM ET

Refusing despair, choosing to grow hope

Rev. Sharpton talks to the people at the Sweet Auburn Springfest about the issues they most care about, and explains why we must continue to fight for justice to honor all our mothers who fought to raise us.

All In with Chris Hayes, 5/9/14, 9:41 PM ET

NRA talks the talk, but won't walk the walk

The #Inners have been trying to get someone from the NRA on the show, but they won’t come talk with us. However, they will talk about us.

See photos from the event hereAlso, check out past Growing Hope events at Texas Southern University, the Jazz in the Gardens Music Festival, and the 2013 Essence Festival.

If you haven’t yet done so, share your hope online! This summer, your hope will become part of our new interactive community. 

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Growing Hope at Sweet Auburn Springfest