In this photo taken July 1, 2014, three-year-old Josefa, of Honduras, stands next to his mother, Eide Cerrato, center, as they prepare to board a bus leaving the city bus station in McAllen, Texas.
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Groups: Texas city ban on border kids violates civil rights


A Texas community’s resolution barring immigrants from being housed in the city is being challenged as violating the 50-year-old Civil Rights Act.

Texas Appleseed, a social justice group, and the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF), a civil rights group, called on the Department of Housing and Urban Development Tuesday to investigate, require compliance with federal anti-discrimination laws and to “put a halt to League City’s illegal action targeting vulnerable children.”

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The city council of League City, Texas, passed a resolution on July 8 refusing to house immigrants here illegally.

“This complaint is a warning to other municipalities that are considering similar resolutions — cities can’t accept federal funds and then use them to discriminate,” Marisa Bono, MALDEF staff attorney, said in a statement.

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Groups: Texas city ban on border kids violates civil rights