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Republican state rep jokes about domestic violence


A Republican in New Hampshire’s state House of Representatives made a crude joke about domestic violence and oral sex on Facebook on Monday.

The Republican, Rep. Kyle Tasker, commented in a public Facebook thread to defend another New Hampshire Republican, Mark Warden, who commented last year that some “like being in abusive relationships.”

Tasker took the limelight with his own offensive comment, posting a graphic of two stick figures engaging in oral sex with the caption, “50,000 battered women and I still eat mine plain.” The image is used on t-shirts sold online.

Tasker also wrote—in a comment that is still live on the page—that “Warden is so principled if offends people.”

The remarks were first reported—and screen capped—by New Hampshire blogger William Tucker. 

Tasker, who represents Nottingham, has a history of colorful remarks on Facebook.

He once suggested that working with Democrats on the state’s Criminal Justice and Public Safety committee necessitated drinking alcohol. (This from a guy who once accidentally dropped a gun during a committee meeting.)