Glenn Beck speaks during the Dish Network War Of The Words at Hammerstein Ballroom on Sept. 13, 2012 in New York, N.Y.
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Glenn Beck wants everyone to be nicer


Glenn Beck would like everyone to be nicer to each other. 

The conservative pundit, famous for making dozens of violent and offensive remarks about Democrats and those with views opposing his own, said that he wants people to be more communicative and the political environment to be less heated. 

“When you live your life five hours a day on live television or radio, you’re going to say stupid things,” the former Fox News host said in an interview on CNN.

When asked if calling the president racist was one of the stupid ones, Beck responded “Of course it was.”

Beck said he fears the country is devolving because it’s so hateful, saying “we have to” lower the temperature in the country and remember that “we’re not just cartoon characters. We’re not just people on television. We’re not just people in the White House. We’re people. We’re humans.”

Beck continued, “I think we’re a country in civil war. I just think we’re in a cold civil war. Shooting hasn’t started, but somebody stupid is going to do something stupid, and it will escalate, unless we talk to each other.”

Beck has voiced his regrets about his time at Fox before. Earlier this year, he said he felt he had helped “tear the country apart” with his rhetoric. 

“Unintentionally I feel I’ve added — we all have, all of us — have added to the situation that we’re in right now,” Beck said. “We are much more fragile than I thought.”


Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck wants everyone to be nicer