Gear up for summer with these sunny scenes

  • Lounging by the pool.
  • Yalta Beach, Black Sea, Ukraine. 
  • A girl sunbathes on a Midtown Manhattan rooftop.
  • On a boat headed back to the mainland, Corsica, France.
  • Carol, JoJo and Lisa hanging out on Mott Street in Little Italy, New York City.
  • Walton on sea, England. 
  • Salt City, Arizona. At the height of summer one of the favourite activities of the mainly young is tubing. This consists of gently drifting down the river (Salt River) over the many miles of the course and spending up to six hours in the sun. 
  • Pablo, in Mar del Tuyu, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • Australia’s Gold Coast is a surfers paradise.
  • On the highway between Nimes and Marseille, France.
  • Surfer along the Santa Monica Pier, Los Angeles, Calif.
  • Province of Brabant, Flanders regions, Belgium.
  • Cyanne, 5, and her pacifier, Saint Florent, Corsica, France. 
  • Ile du Levant, France.
  • A child plays under the Fountain of Angels at Bethesda Terrace in Central Park, New York City.
  • Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York. 
  • West Berlin, Germany.
  • Valerie and Lazare, Spain.
  • Bertrand and his dog Zouave at the waterfalls of Aitone, Corsica, France.
  • A man stands huddled under awnings on the corner of George & Market Street during a bout of summer rain in Sydney, Australia. 
  • Puerto Escondido along the Oaxaca Pacific Coast, Mexico.
  • Gilles Delphine, Justine, Leonie and Nathalie, Bagnols sur Ceze, France.
  • At a gas station along the South Highway, France.
  • At the beach, suntan oil reflecting off a woman’s breasts in Coney Island, New York.
  • Kids at a fire hydrant during a summer heat wave in Brooklyn, New York. .
  • Three sleeping boys, Baltic Sea, Germany.
  • Lino in Drome provencale, Rhone-Alpes, France.
  • Los Angeles, California.
  • Munich, Germany.
  • Sunbathing woman, Bryant Park, New York City.
  • Children of the Sabbagh family, Peki’in, Israel.
  • Kisses on the waterfront, Riccione, Italy.



Blazing hot sunshine, ice cream and lazy days at the beach — summer is here.

While the season officially began with the solstice on June 21, the Memorial Day holiday serves as the unofficial kickoff in the United States. The federal holiday commemorates those who died in service to the country, as parades and patriotic gestures dominate the public consciousness. 

In general, though, Memorial Day is also a pleasant reminder that days are getting longer, and kids are gearing up for that long-anticipated break from school. Traditionally, families will fire up the grill or pack a picnic basket and head for the park during the long weekend. 

In Europe, many families cap off the summer with month-long holidays. One tradition transcends borders, though — it seems that people everywhere love to bare it all to the sun’s rays at the beach and beyond.

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