Game over for ‘personhood’ 2012 ballot drive?


An effort to put a personhood measure in front of voters in Colorado this fall has failed, marking the last state where organizers for the anti-abortion movement had a shot at the 2012 ballot.

The amendment would have outlawed all abortion, directly challenging the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision, by declaring a person’s life begins at conception and thus embryos are afforded the same rights as people.

Organizers fell short of the required signatures to put it on the ballot by about 4,000, the AP reported. Personhood Colorado said in a statement that it will challenge the Sec. of State’s decision, because it believed many of the signatures were wrongly invalidated.

Personhood USA, which has driven the so-called ‘personhood’ measures around the country, is headquartered in Colorado. Voters in the state have twice before rejected a personhood amendment. 

Colorado was the last state where personhood proponents were still fighting to get on this year’s ballot. Similar measures failed to gain enough support to be added to the 2012 ballot in California, Montana, Nevada, Ohio, and Oregon. Efforts in previous years have failed in Mississippi at the voting box and at the state legislature and court level in other regions.

Personhood, Colorado and Reproductive Rights

Game over for 'personhood' 2012 ballot drive?