Military personnel guard the entrance to Fort Lee Military Base near Hopewell, Va. in 2001.
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All clear given after ‘active shooter’ report at Fort Lee in Virginia


An all clear was given by Fort Lee officials after an “active shooter incident” was reported at the U.S. Army base in Virginia early Monday morning.

U.S. military and law enforcement officials confirmed to NBC News that the shooting incident was an apparent suicide. According to military officials, the shooter was an Army Sergeant First Class female soldier who entered a building “brandishing a gun,” which she then reportedly turned on herself and fired.

The shooter was taken to a Richmond-area hospital. A U.S. military official told NBC News that the shooter died.

A U.S. Army spokesperson confirmed the situation was under control. No other injuries have been reported at this time.

The Fort Lee’s verified Twitter and Facebook page posted the report shortly after 9 a.m.; the all clear was delivered less than an hour later at 9:50 a.m.

“All personnel should enact active shooter protocols immediately,” the first Facebook post on the reported incident read. 

The location of the reported incident was at CASCOM HQ, Bldg. 5020. The building remains on lockdown, but the rest of the post is open.

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All clear given after 'active shooter' report at Fort Lee in Virginia