First lady Michelle Obama pauses during an event in the State Dining Room of the White House on Sept. 18, 2013, in Washington, D.C.
Photo by Evan Vucci/AP

FLOTUS gets weird with Billy Eichner to promote big message

First lady Michelle Obama braved the insanity of loud, wild and crazy comedian Billy Eichner in her latest attempt to get kids excited about eating fruits and vegetables.

Michelle Obama took a cue from President Barack Obama – who recently tried to appeal to Millennials in a BuzzFeed video where he’s seen taking selfies with a selfie-stick – by teaming up with Eichner and “Big Bird” in a grocery store. The three are surrounded by “Sesame Street”-themed produce for a special edition of Billy on the Street, Eichner’s comedy game show (of sorts).

“We’ve got the ‘Sesame Street’ friends like “Big Bird” teaming up with the produce industry to try to help make eating fruits and vegetables fun and exciting for kids and their parents,” the first lady said in the Funny or Die video

A former “Billy on the Street” victim Elena, who was ambushed by Eichner on the streets of New York City during a more typical episode of his series, was also along for the ride. Elena was blindfolded and apparently unaware she would be meeting the first lady.

“I’m gonna faint. I, I just can’t believe it this is the best day of my life,” Elena said after the big reveal. Then, a few seconds later as she was taking it all in, “You’re not like an actress that’s being Michelle Obama?”

The first lady confirmed it was really her, indeed. 

The group goes on to answer some game show-style questions about “healthy eating and exercise,” that Eichner has dreamed up and chosen “correct” answers for, for example:

BE: Which is better, Ariana Grande or eating a carrot?

MO: Eating a carrot.


BE: Gwyneth Paltrow makes a fantastic broccoli and arugula soup. Does that matter? Yes or no?

E: No.

Incorrect. (According to Eichner, because “she has a website!”)

BE: Who is more deserving of a Kennedy Center Honor, Martin Short or a box of corn?

MO: The corn!

Incorrect. (According to Eichner, because, “he’s a genius, he played Ed Grimley,” and, “he’s funny.”)

The group also addressed the fact that Ted Danson is on CSI, the latest celebrity to sign on to a Las Vegas show (Mariah Carey), oh and how “cute” British boy band One Direction is. 

“They are very cute,” the first lady confirmed.

Also, in case you were wondering, Mrs. Obama thinks her husband, President Barack Obama, is “hotter” than Abraham Lincoln.

Will the first lady’s latest effort to make healthy eating cool do the trick?