Journalists watch Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders debate on televisions in the media room at the University of Michigan in Flint, Mich. on March 6, 2016.
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In Flint, both Clinton and Sanders call for Michigan Gov. Snyder to resign

3/6/16, 8:10 PM ET

Sanders: Michigan gov. should resign

During his opening statements in the CNN Democratic presidential debate, Bernie Sanders expresses his disbelief about the situation in Flint, Michigan.
Both Democratic presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, said that Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder should resign because of his response - or lack thereof - to the lead water crisis in Flint, Michigan.

Sanders and Clinton called on his resignation during opening statements of a Democratic presidential debate taking place in Flint.

After Sanders’ statement where he said Snyder should resign, Clinton said, “I’ll start by saying Amen to that.”

Sanders had recently called on Snyder to step down before the debate, but Clinton did so for the first time Sunday night.

Corrosive pipes leaked lead into the homes of Flint residents for more than a year despite complaints by residents for dirty-looking and smelly water.

3/6/16, 8:21 PM ET

Clinton: Michigan needs to help Flint

Hillary Clinton expresses her agreement with Bernie Sanders during the opening statements of the CNN Democratic presidential debate in Flint saying the Michigan governor must resign or be recalled.
A member of the audience who was instrumental in drawing attention to the poisonous water asked the candidates if they would commit to clearing lead from more than 10 million lead water pipes through out the U.S.

Clinton said she would commit to do so and “go further.” She would clear lead from soil and paint through out the country.

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Bernie Sanders, Flint, Hillary Clinton, Michigan and Rick Snyder

In Flint, both Clinton and Sanders call for Michigan Gov. Snyder to resign