Five mistakes not to make at your new job

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Five mistakes not to make at your new job

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Whether it’s a new relationship, a new job or a new city, the unknown can be daunting. MILLY founder & designer and Know Your Value panelist Michelle Smith believes first impressions are everything, and wants to help you make the best one right off the bat. Here’s her career advice on how to overcome five common mistakes at new jobs.

1. Over-disclosing

Although it’s important to introduce yourself and get along with your colleagues, you won’t have a full handle on the social landscape during your first months on the job. Take your time and get to know your colleagues first. While you may spend the majority of your time in the workplace, it’s important to remember that too much information up front can blur colleagues’ opinions of you and even impact how the quality of your work is perceived.

2. Forgetting to introduce yourself

You may be overwhelmed with new faces and names, but it’s essential to make a strong first impression. If you see an unfamiliar face, head over and say hello. This will show that you’re confident and approachable rather than aloof or shy. 

3. Misusing office time

While establishing your reputation and proving your work ethic and dedication, stay away from all personal distractions. This means temporarily banning yourself from social media, texting and sending personal emails from your office account—at least for the first few months as you prove yourself.

4. Not asking questions

No matter how qualified or experienced you are, it’s likely you won’t know how to do everything at a new job. Don’t be afraid to jump in and ask questions, as it shows you are trying to improve and want to do your job properly. To avoid creating too many interruptions, make a list of your questions and ask them all at once. 

5. Opting out of activities

If invited to a happy hour or work lunch, strongly consider attending. This sends the message that you’re willing to be part of the team. Attending social gatherings gives you the opportunity to ask questions and get to know your colleagues’ personalities in a more relaxed setting. It goes without saying: don’t put the “happy” in the hour—watch your drink count.

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