Elizabeth Warren tears into Romney at Obama fundraiser


Elizabeth Warren, a Massachusetts candidate for Congress, tore into Mitt Romney at a fundraiser for President Obama’s re-election campaign in Boston Monday.

Warren, an outspoken critic of Wall Street who led Obama’s Consumer Financial Protection Bureau until a year ago, resurfaced a favorite Romney gaffe of the left about corporations being people.

While campaigning last summer, Romney countered a heckler shouting for higher taxes on corporations with the following: “Corporations are people my friend,” he said.

“No, Mitt, corporations are not people,” Warren told the crowd in Boston. “People have hearts. They have kids. They get jobs…They love and they cry. They live and they die. Learn the difference.”

The crowd whooped. 

The Daily Rundown replayed Warren’s comments Tuesday (video above). Host Chuck Todd wondered if it might be a preview of Warren’s speech at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., in September. 


Warren’s comments reflect not only her typical talking points but also the Obama campaign’s narrative it has crafted around Romney as being out of touch and overly eager to help business interests at the expense of working people.

Warren, a Democrat, is running for Senate against incumbent Republican Scott Brown who won the seat in a special election following the death of Sen. Ted Kennedy. The pair is locked in a tight race that shows the candidates neck and neck.

Kennedy once defeated Romney who ran against him for the Senate in 1994.

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Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren tears into Romney at Obama fundraiser