Duck Commander CEO and star of the reality television series Duck Dynasty, Willie Robertson speaks at an event in Fayetteville, Ark., on June 5, 2013. 
Photo by Gareth Patterson/AP

‘Duck Dynasty’ star Willie Robertson: ‘I do like me some Trump’

“Duck Dynasty” star Willie Robertson, who has backed Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal for president, is now singing Republican front-runner Donald Trump’s praises.

Robertson recently appeared alongside Trump at a rally in Oklahoma City and said of the billionaire real estate mogul, “I do like me some Trump, I gotta admit.” Dressed in an American flag bandanna wrapped around his head, sunglasses and camouflage shorts, he added, “Here’s the deal. We’re both successful businessmen. We both have pretty big shows on television. We both have wives that are 1,000 times better looking than us, so I like Trump.”

Back in April—before Jindal entered the race—Robertson (whose family has raked in millions off of duck calls) said he backed the governor for president. Jindal has previously appeared on the reality TV show “Duck Dynasty” and his Twitter background photo even features the governor standing next to Robertson and his family. In June, Robertson sent out a fundraising e-mail on behalf of Jindal asking supporters to “help my friend Bobby,” adding, “Bobby has my vote.”

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Team Jindal is pushing back on the notion that Robertson is abandoning the governor’s White House bid for Trump’s. Campaign spokesman Kyle Plotkin tweeted on Monday that “Bobby & Willie chatted this weekend. Willie obviously admires Trump’s business acumen. But he’s Bobby for President.”

The Robertsons’ reality show came under fire in 2014 after Robertson’s father, Phil, made insensitive remarks about gay men in an article in GQ. The patriarch was briefly suspended but was given back his gig. The remarks, however, reignited a new battle in the old culture wars with several conservatives, including Jindal and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin defending the right to free speech, while critics ripped Robertson’s father as bigoted and anti-gay.

The family has previously waded into GOP politics. Phil Robertson spoke at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference. Willie Robertson also stumped for Vance McAllister when he ran for Congress in 2013.