The Ashley Madison website is demonstrated on a tablet computer.
Photo by Bobby Yip/Reuters

Don’t cheat on this news quiz

This week, users of Ashley Madison, a website designed to facilitate extramarital affairs, lost their anonymity when their information was leaked by hackers; two women made military history; and former President Jimmy Carter opened up about his cancer diagnosis. 

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The website was initially hacked a month ago, but the leak of information started this week. 

The pill aims to increase a women’s desire for sex, the drug is controversial, with critics pointing to its potential side effects.

Ball-Bey was shot after allegedly pointing a gun at two police officers. 

Only 96 of the 400 soldiers completed the course, which included limited meals, sleep deprivation and physical tests in harsh conditions while hauling a 60-pound rucksack.

Learn more about Walker’s plan.

The film grossed $24.3 million on its opening day. 

“I’m perfectly at ease with whatever comes,” Carter said Thursday, citing his faith. 

The intelligence community has not yet determined whether any of the flagged emails contain classified information.

Trump said that he would work to challenge the amendment in court, because a constitutional change “would take too long.”

Don't cheat on this news quiz