Donald Trump speaks at his event to raise money for veterans organizations in Des Moines, Iowa.
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Donald Trump says he’s ‘wasting time’ on Republican rivals

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. — Donald Trump wants the primaries to be over already.

Not just so he can assume the official title of Republican presidential nominee, but so he can start fundraising for the GOP and its down-ballot races.

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“It’s really important that we win because, if we win, you know, we want to raise money for the party,” Trump said at a rally Sunday. “We want to do — raise money for the senate races and for the congressional races and do a lot of things.”

This from a candidate who has made “self-funding” a key tenet of his campaign and who has spent much of his time in recent weeks railing against the Republican National Committee’s nominating rules and delegate system.

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“Make America Great Again.”

Still, Trump doesn’t want to waste any more time. Speaking to a packed house in Indiana just days before the state’s crucial primary, Trump said he’s “wasting time” campaigning against rivals like Cruz and Kasich who are “hanging on by their fingertips.”

“They have no path,” he reiterated once again.

The New York business mogul also made a lofty promise to women.

“Nobody will be better to women and nobody will be better to women’s health issues — a big thing — than Donald Trump,” Trump said. “That I can tell you. Nobody.”

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He did not outline specifically what women’s health issues he would focus on that would make him the best, though he did tick off some policies that he thinks helped him earn female voters in recent states, like New York, Pennsylvania and Maryland.

“I won with women because, you know what? Women want to see a strong country. Women want to see a strong military. Women want to see strong borders.”

And while his last comment on women’s health was a veiled swipe at Hillary Clinton, he took his line on “Crooked Hillary” one step further when linking her to the Iraqi government.

“How stupid are we?” Trump asked rhetorically of America’s past foreign policy choices in the Middle East. “I said when we left [Iraq], we shouldn’t have been in, but when we left I could see it was a crooked government. In fact, Hillary could have run the government. Crooked, it works for her. No, it was a crooked government. That’s where we should put Hillary.”

Trump also spoke with confidence about the impending GOP convention in Cleveland, and once again threw cold water on the idea of a second round of balloting. “We don’t play the second ballot game,” he said. “We’re only playing to win.”

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Donald Trump says he's 'wasting time' on Republican rivals