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Donald Trump says he’d call himself a ‘loser’ if he doesn’t win GOP nomination


Donald Trump isn’t shy about labeling people losers — belittling everyone from his fellow GOP presidential candidates to Rosie O’Donnell and Arizona Sen. John McCain.

But if he doesn’t capture his party’s nomination, the real estate mogul said he’s willing to be branded the ultimate insult himself.

“If you lose the Republican nomination, are you a loser?” Barbara Walters asked him during her annual “10 Most Fascinating People” special on Thursday night.

“In a certain way, yeah. Hate to say it. If I lost the nomination, yeah, I guess I’d call myself a loser,” Trump said. “I’ve never said that about myself before.”

“Look, I want to win,” he continued. “I want to make America great again. If I lose the nomination, not so good.”

If Trump flops, he’ll be joining countless others whom he’s openly panned:

This article originally appeared on NBCNews.com.