Trump keeps door open for independent run

Trump serves jury duty

— Updated

NEW YORK CITY — Got a case of the Mondays? So does Donald Trump.

After a fun weekend at the Iowa State Fair, Trump returned to New York City to serve jury duty.

At 8 on a muggy Monday morning, a gaggle of 50 to 75 reporters staked out the Manhattan Supreme Court waiting for “the Donald” to appear to fulfill his civic duty. Trump arrived after 9 a.m. — late — via limousine, before heading up the steps into the court. While most jurors waited outside in line to go through security, Trump was able to zip straight into the courthouse. 

He departed just before 2 p.m. After just one day of service, Trump is now cleared for jury-duty service for six years.

The courts have been expecting Trump for quite awhile: The New York Daily News reported that Trump has ignored five summonses to appear for jury duty since 2006 and earlier this year, they reported, he was fined $250.

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“I do I have jury duty, can you believe this? I look forward to it actually,” he said in Iowa on Saturday. “I just hope they’re innocent, whoever it is! I hope they’re innocent.” 

Trump is fresh off a busy campaign weekend in New Hampshire and Iowa, where he commuted from the Des Moines International Airport to the Iowa State Fair by helicopter, giving a handful of kids rides in his branded chopper before heading into the fairgrounds where he was mobbed by so many reporters and fans he missed the world-famous cow made out of butter.