Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump answers questions with reporters after speaking at the National Federation of Republican Assemblies on Aug. 29, 2015, in Nashville, Tenn.
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The Trump-Bush war rages on


The war of words continued on Wednesday, with Donald Trump disparaging Jeb Bush on “Good Morning America” while Bush blasted Trump in a mocking quiz online.

“He really had no choice,” Trump told ABC News of Bush’s Tuesday attacks on him. “He is doing very poorly in the polls, he’s a low energy kind of guy, he had to do something, so they’re spending a lot of money on ads.” 

Bush let a “which candidate are you?” quiz do all the talking, casting himself as a conservative reformer and Trump as a tax-hiking Democrat. The social-media quiz gets particularly personal when it asks “Would you rather support a candidate who strives to shake every hand everywhere or is a germaphobe when it comes to shaking hands?” mocking Trump’s well-documented aversion to shaking hands, which he’s declared “barbaric.”

 It’s the third day of all-out war between the two Republican hopefuls, with each firing off attack videos, tweets, and campaign comments slamming their opponents.

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Trump is working to portray himself as the political outsider intent on shaking up politics, and his attacks portray Bush as the candidate of the establishment.

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“He has a lot of money from the hedge fund guys with a special interest from lobbyists. He raised over 100 million dollars - so they control him totally,” Trump told ABC News on Wednesday morning. On Tuesday afternoon, he fired off an Instagram tying Bush to Hillary Clinton and condemning them both as a failed political class.

Bush is working to be the kind of compassionate conservative his brother was lauded for being, so he’s standing up to Trump over his harsh – and at times offensive – views on immigration in hopes of gaining stronger standing in the polls. Once the presumed front-runner, Bush has been trailing Trump in the polls since early summer.

It’s a fact Trump is quick to note:  “So far everybody that’s attacked me has gone down so let’s see what happens here,” Trump added on Wednesday morning. 

Donald Trump and Jeb Bush

The Trump-Bush war rages on