New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie leaves a boardroom at the Newark Department of Transportation after hearing a briefing ahead of a snowstorm, Jan. 22, 2016, in Newark, N.J. 
Photo by Julio Cortez/AP

‘Disaster governor’: Chris Christie trumpets own performance

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie made his way back to New Hampshire Sunday afternoon after a brief trip back home to address his state’s snowstorm.

Christie was able to visit New Jersey, which was pummeled by a record-breaking blizzard on Saturday and has experienced intense flooding as a result, and make it back in time for a scheduled town hall in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, thanks to a private plane, according to his campaign.

During the event, Christie praised his own leadership record, saying, “[The reason] I knew what I was doing is because I’ve done it a lot of times before.”

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He said that with 17 snowstorms during his tenure, not including Hurricane Irene and Hurricane Sandy, “I am clearly the disaster governor.”

Christie also touched on fellow Republican hopeful Donald Trump’s comment about retaining voter support even if Trump shot someone. “It’s pretty amazing to say it,” Christie said, warning New Hampshire voters not to cast their votes out of anger.

“I’m angry, too. I want to burn Washington down because it’s so ineffective,” Christie said, “but who is going to rebuild it when it’s burned down?”