Declassified CIA secrets fuel story in Ben Affleck’s latest, ‘Argo’


Secrets held for decades in the clandestine realms of the CIA are now being surfaced on the big screen.

Actor and director Ben Affleck stopped by msnbc Wednesday to talk about Argo, his latest film that had the Morning Joe hosts raving. The movie is based on a CIA story that was declassified in 1997, detailing a covert operation to rescue six Americans during the hostage crisis of the Iranian Revolution.

“I thought if I could even execute in a basic way on this, this would be the best thing that I’ve ever done so far,” Affleck said on Morning Joe.

Affleck both directs and plays the leading role of the film, portraying CIA legend Tony Mendez and his 1979 mission to rescue six Americans who sought refuge in the Canadian Embassy after militants took 53 Americans hostage. 

“This was really good,” Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski gushed. “This was like my muscles were clenched from beginning to end.”

Affleck, who is known to drop the r’s in his speech while paying homage to his Boston roots, later went on to stand up for his beloved baseball team with the hosts.

“I love this movie, and you guys want to talk about the Red Sox,” Affleck joked.

Argo hits theaters this Friday.