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Day 24: Sybrina Fulton and Stand Your Ground


“On the evening before the second anniversary of their son’s slaying, Trayvon Martin’s parents were engaged in meetings and calls related to the foundation they created in his name. Less than a year after the man who killed their son was acquitted of second-degree murder, they are focused on other people’s children.”

– Joy Reid in the Grio

Today’s assignment is to read about Sybrina Fulton’s activism around repealing Stand Your Ground laws after her son, Trayvon Martin, was killed. How does her story reflect what we’ve read about Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America and Mothers Against Drunk Driving?


Watch: Melissa’s letter to Sybrina Fulton (above)

Read: “Trayvon Martin’s parents still fighting ‘Stand Your Ground’ 2 years after son’s death” by Joy Reid