"Darth Vader", the leader of the Internet Party of Ukraine, walks during a rally in front of the Ukrainian Central Elections Commission in Kiev April 3, 2014.
Photo by Shamil Zhumatov/Reuters

Darth Vader candidate in Ukraine banned at polling station


The force is not so strong with this one.

Darth Alekseyevich Vader, a candidate running for Prime Minister in Ukraine, was turned away from a polling station Sunday – the day of the parliamentary election – after he refused to take off his mask and reveal himself. 

“It happened again. They would not let me vote,” the politician mumbled behind his Star Wars mask and helmet, waving around his Ukrainian passport. 

Before rushing into a large black campaign van decorated with the Galactic Republic symbol – the fictional government in the epic franchise – he said to the media: “It’s sad. The fact that I did not vote doesn’t mean that my empire will not win.”

Darth Vader is running in the country’s “Internet Party” alongside other of the movies’ characters Chewbacca, Princess Amidala and Yoda. The Internet Party of Ukraine (UIP) – its slogan: “electronic government against bureaucracy” – became defunct over the lack of regional offices, according to Russia Today. The group has since been attempting to appeal the decision. 

Previously known as Viktor Shevchenko (before legally changing his name), Darth Vader can be often seen riding around Kiev dressed in full costume, cape and all. He recently told The Associated Press that “When I get to parliament, I will expel all the deputies. They have proven their uselessness … Computers will work in their place and they will fulfill their functions without cease.”

Also, he said, “a military space station will be built.”

Two exit polls released Sunday afternoon show Ukrainian President Petro Proshenko narrowly winning the parliamentary election by 22.2% of the vote. The Rating Group Ukraine exit poll shows Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk’s Popular Front party came second at 21.8%. Official results are expected Monday.