Convert to Team Jeb, get a chest bump

Jeb Bush is full of energy. At least, while he’s chest-bumping a supporter. 

Following a town hall event in Waukee, Iowa on Wednesday night, city councilman and Dallas County co-chair for Ted Cruz’s campaign, Shane Blanchard, approached Bush to tell him, “I’m for you.” Blanchard was dropping his support for Texas Sen. Ted Cruz in favor of the former Florida governor.

The Republican candidate was thrilled. “You’re a good man,” Bush said in the video. He was so excited to hear he’d converted a voter that he asked for something a bit unusual on the campaign trail: “How about a chest bump?”

“I do that for every convert,” Bush joked to reporters who asked what the exchange was about. The presidential candidate said Blanchard told him he changed his mind after watching the GOP debate.

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Convert to Team Jeb, get a chest bump