Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton embrace after Hillary officially launched her presidential campaign at a rally on June 13, 2015 in New York City. 
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Clinton-Clinton 2016? The thought has crossed Hillary’s mind

Clinton-Clinton 2016? Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton said she’s given some thought to whether her husband could join her on the ticket, but he’s unfortunately “not eligible.” 

In an interview with EXTRA’s Mario Lopez, Clinton said her husband Bill would be a “good” choice, but he “has served his two terms and I think the argument would be, as vice president, it would not be possible for him to ever succeed to the position.” She quipped, “It has crossed my mind.”

The former secretary of state told Lopez she’s been watching Donald Trump’s rise in the polls “with some concern” because of his tendency to use “inflammatory and destructive” rhetoric.

“He has made a lot of claims, and I think it may reflect on the Republican side some of the pent-up frustration that they have,” she said. “I’m going to let them deal with however they choose their nominee, but I am certainly looking forward, if he were the nominee, to debating him in the general election because there’s a lot to talk about starting with his really outrageous statements about immigration.”

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The conversation wasn’t all politics, though. Clinton recounted meeting Kim Kardashian and Kanye West at a fundraiser in Los Angeles last month, and said she found it amusing that Kardashian introduced her husband as if Clinton wouldn’t know who he was.

Clinton called the self-proclaimed selfie queen “warm and very personable,” though she dodged Lopez’s question about whether Kardashian is a “good role model for women.” 

No word on whether Clinton and the Kardashian Wests discussed the 2020 race, but if Kanye does decide to get into the race, Clinton said he hopes he’ll wait until 2024 to run. And if not, she cautioned, he better have “comfortable shoes because there’s a lot of walking involved.”  

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Clinton-Clinton 2016? The thought has crossed Hillary's mind