Clinton bests Bush, Rubio and Carson combined with financial haul


Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign now has more money in the bank that Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, and Ben Carson combined, according to data filed Thursday night with Federal Elections Commission.

But her top rival for the Democratic nomination, Sen. Bernie Sanders came within striking distance of her haul this quarter, reporting a three-day fundraising sprint worth $3 million after Tuesday night’s presidential debate.

Clinton is sitting on just shy of $33 million, according to the new FEC quarterly report. The campaign raised more than $28 million dollars over the past three months and spent $25.78 million. Despite the high burn rate, Clinton has socked away enough money to claim the top spot among the campaigns when it comes to bank balance.

“These numbers are a testament to broad support for  Hillary Clinton’s vision for America and her plans to create rising incomes and middle class growth,” said Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook. “Thanks to the support of all of our donors, we are on track to hit our goal of $100 million during the primary, which will set us up to reach more voters, organize them, and make Hillary Clinton the Democratic nominee in 2016.”

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Sanders slams corrupting influence of money

One reason Bernie Sanders is doing so well is because he never misses a chance to slam the corrupting influence of big money. When these Daddy Warbucks types spend their millions to prop up candidates it diminishes the votes of everyone in this country.
And the campaign is particularly proud that 60% of her donors were women. Clinton also gave $600,000 to the Democratic National Committee via a new joint fundraising account.

Sanders’ campaign, meanwhile, touted that he drew a larger donor pool – 650,000 versus Clinton’s 400,000 – and collected most of his money in small donations. Just 270 of more than half a million donors gave the legal maximum of $2,700.

He raised $26. 2 million with donations coming in at average of just $30 apiece.

“What is really remarkable is the breadth of support for Bernie from so many people responding to his call for a political revolution to stand up for the middle class and take on the billionaire class,” said Jeff Weaver, the campaign manager.

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Clinton bests Bush, Rubio and Carson combined with financial haul