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Chuck Todd: Republicans ‘disappointed’ by Romney’s ‘meek’ showing


Republicans were underwhelmed by Mitt Romney’s performance in Monday night’s debate, in which the GOP nominee repeatedly agreed with President Obama and declined to respond forcefully when attacked, according to msnbc’s Chuck Todd.

“I can tell you in talking to some of the Republican heavyweights, they were disappointed in Romney,” Todd told Rachel Maddow from the spin room after the debate in Boca Raton, Fla. “They just dont feel like he articulated anything.

Todd said he, too, was not expecting Romney’s tepid showing:

I talked to non-Romney connected Republicans who were amazed at how Romney never engaged the president on the toughest zingers. And you can debate whether the zingers were too snarky or not, but Romney never even responded to them. And that seemed a little meek—I was surprised by that.

Even the Romney campaign itself isn’t trying to spin the debate as a huge win for their candidate. “They’re not claiming victory tonight,” Todd said. “They’re just simply claiming they passed a bar.”

As for Team Obama, Todd added: “They obviously feel very good.”

Chuck Todd: Republicans 'disappointed' by Romney's 'meek' showing