New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie listens to campaign worker Henning Kristensen in East Brunswick, N.J., Tuesday, Oct. 8, 2013.
Mel Evans/ap

Christie: I enforced Obamacare even though I didn’t like it


In the first debate of the New Jersey gubernatorial race, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie sought to distance himself from the current stalemate in Congress, saying that while he didn’t support Obamacare, it didn’t stop him from implementing it.

“I don’t agree with the law, but we’ve complied with it, and that’s the job you have as governor,” Christie said. “You don’t always agree with every law you have to enforce, but I’ve enforced this one, and I’m proud of our record on health care.”

Democratic challenger Barbara Buono criticized Christie for catering to national Republicans, and hit the popular governor for vetoing bills for gun control, Planned Parenthood funding, and gay marriage. 

When asked directly by the moderator if he was planning on running for president, Christie did not confirm or deny.

“I am not going to declare tonight for you or for anybody else that I am or I’m not running for president,” he said. “I can walk and chew gum at the same time. I can do this job and also deal with my future.”

Christie has long been portrayed as a D.C. outsider whose propensity for compromise and bipartisan legislation would make him an ideal candidate for higher office.

A new Quinnipiac poll indicate that Christie’s record is indeed enough to earn him a second term. The September poll found that 64% of voters support the Republican Christie; just 30% support Buono.

Christie: I enforced Obamacare even though I didn't like it