Chris Matthews’ checklist for Joe Biden tonight


After President Obama’s limp debate performance last week, the pressure is on Joe Biden tonight.

On Hardball, host Chris Matthews said Biden needs to bring up topics where Romney is weak. And in his own words, Matthews laid out a checklist of issues to hit for the veep:

•The 47 percent comment by the presidential nominee.

•The issue of vouchers which [Romney] is pushing.

•The issue of personhood basically criminalizing abortion.

•The pre-existing condition issue, which Romney keeps lying about (the only time I say “lies,” about that issue) where he keeps saying his program would cover it.

• And the auto industry rescue which Romney opposed?

On those issues, Matthews added, Biden “wins just by bringing them up.”

msnbc political analyst Howard Fineman said if Biden doesn’t meet the checklist, “he will have failed … to focus and fight, neither of which the President did a week ago.”

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Chris Matthews' checklist for Joe Biden tonight