Republican supporters as well as local and national media fill a cafe in Marion, Iowa as governor Chris Christie meets voters.
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In a nutshell: The week’s top stories from msnbc


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How Obamacare could reduce crime and incarceration 
by Suzy Khimm

By expanding coverage for substance abuse treatment, Obamacare could potentially help reduce crime and incarceration — provided that beneficiaries can actually access the help they need. 

A chill in the air before ‘Weekend of Resistance’ 
by Trymaine Lee

There was a chill in the air on Wednesday night in Ferguson as protesters paid tribute to Michael Brown through candlelight vigil and prepped for a flurry of activity that is expected over coming weekend.

Libertarian pizza guy could determine Senate race 
by Benjy Sarlin

Why is there so much attention on this quirky third party candidate with a $10,000 war chest? He just might determine which party controls the United States Senate.

Can an unpopular governor win the presidency? 
by Aliyah Frumin

As Chris Christie barnstorms the country campaigning for Republican candidates, the New Jersey governor has seen his popularity slipping back in the Garden State. And with Christie’s 2016 ambitions not exactly top secret, it begs the question: Can you be an unpopular governor at home and still go on to win the nation’s highest office?

Another Democrat breaks with Obama on ISIS 
by Alex Seitz-Wald

Another day, another defection from a high-profile Democrat on President Obama’s approach to combating the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

Chris Christie, Ferguson, ISIS, Jimmy Carter and Must reads

In a nutshell: The week’s top stories from msnbc