Too Young to Die: Camryn Shultz

Photo Courtesy of Jessica Shultz

Camryn Shultz didn’t sleep or travel anywhere without her trusty sidekick: Minnie Mouse.

At her second birthday party in October, the toddler dressed up as the Disney character and most of her presents were Minnie-related, her mother Jessica Shultz told msnbc.

“Pretty much anybody who ever met her for two minutes loved her instantly,” she said. 

“Cammie” or “Cam-Cam” as her mother called her, practically ran all over their house in Forty Fort, Pa., after she conquered crawling and walking. While she wasn’t able to dictate full sentences, she often said: “mama,” “dada,” “papa,” “grammy,”–and “Minnie.”

She had a “larger-than-life personality,” her mother said. Camryn recently began pointing her finger at her grandfather and sporadically telling him “no,” an action she adopted from watching her mother’s efforts at disciplineShe acted timid around strangers, but quickly warmed up to them. 

“She just had that spark to her,” her mother said. “She had a smile that would wrap you around her fingers.”

Camryn was fatally shot by her father in a murder-suicide at her home in Forty Fort on Oct. 27, two days before her second birthday.

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Too Young to Die

Too Young to Die: Camryn Shultz