A woman prays before eating at the New York City Rescue Mission's 15th Annual Great Thanksgiving Banquet on November 25, 2013 in New York City.
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Business Latest: Wealth gap


WEALTH GAP: President Obama gave another speech Wednesday on income inequality, which is being blamed for the country’s current lackluster economic growth. However, a close look at the numbers shows that income ineqality is actually lower today than it was in 2007. Read more

SAUDI ON IRAN: Saudi Arabia’s oil minister has downplayed the threat of oversupply in oil markets despite Iran looking to ramp up significantly its production in 2014 as sanctions are lifted from the country. Read more

HEALTH CARE RENEWALS: With just a handful still working out the details, most states have decided to allow health insurance providers to renew policies that don’t meet the new standards required by the Affordable Care Act. Of those that have completed their reviews this week, some 33 states have said insurance carriers can renew existing policies even if they don’t meet the new Affordable Care Act guidelines. The final decision is up to the insurance carriers. Read more

US STOCKS CLOSE MIXED: The Dow extends its losting streak into a fourth session. Read more

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Business Latest: Wealth gap