Russian President Vladimir Putin is seen ahead of a military parade in the Serbian capital Belgrade, on Oct. 16, 2014.
Andrej Isakovic/AFP/Getty

Business Latest: Ukraine, Putin and the options that remain

UKRAINE, PUTIN AND THE OPTIONS THAT REMAIN: Russia’s economic growth declined by 0.7% in the third quarter, according to official data released Thursday, and Western sanctions are partly the reason. That hasn’t stopped Russian armor and heavy weapons from rumbling into Ukraine, though. All of which raises the question: If Vladimir Putin continues to press forward militarily in Ukraine, what economic weapons remain in the U.S./EU arsenals? Economists now forecast a retraction in the Russian economy in 2015, but if that’s not enough to stop Putin’s geopolitical ambitions, what options remain for the West? Read more 

THE PEACH FARMER AND THE LABOR UNION: The case of the country’s largest peach farmer, Gerawan Farms, and its battle to prevent a labor agreement from being forced on its workers, was argued on Thursday. Gerawan and many of his employees have tried to stop the UFW  laying claim to Gerawan farm workers (and their dues) after many years of ignoring Gerawan operations completely. Read more 

FORGET COAL EXPORTS, NORTH KOREA WANTS TO MAKE YOU A SUIT: As China agrees to reduce greenhouse gas output, one nation is already accommodating China’s lowering coal consumption: North Korea. North Korean coal shipments into China are down, but total exports are flat, as North Korea has offset lower coal shipments with higher clothing exports. Taking advantage of rock-bottom wages, North Korea is receiving more foreign raw materials and exporting finished apparel and accessories to regions like China, South Korea and third country markets. Read more



Business Latest: Ukraine, Putin and the options that remain